Some Key Moments In Our Story

Mollis Group was born from a need to simplify secure delivery in a complex cloud world. With companies charging into the digital world, accelerating cloud transformation initiatives at the core, transforming how businesses create value, how people work and ultimately how people live. The stampede hasn’t gone unnoticed. Global security is at the forefront of concern for enterprises and governments, and waiting patiently, as a cheetah waits for an unsuspecting gazelle, are the predators. Professional hackers are becoming bolder, more sophisticated, and more prevalent. This pack knows its vulnerabilities and has a chance of holding your client's data for ransom or extortion.
Mollis Group Limited
28 Feb 2019
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Mollis Group Limited

The company is incorporated, and the founders set about building a business.
28 Jun 2019
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First Customer

MechFS offer a full planned preventative maintenance service and facilities management capability, throughout the UK. We rationalised and secured an overly complex and sprawling estate. Making IT services more accessible, secure and reliable.
28 Feb 2020
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Google Partner Status

We joined the Google Family of Partners, bringing our brand of security thinking to the GCP platform.
28 Aug 2020
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First FTSE 250 Customer

Mollis Group joined forces with the ITV Enterprise Platform Team to define and oversee the transformation of ITV’s traditional Data Centre operating model to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Cloud operating model.
15 Jun 2021

Oracle Partner Program

We joined the Oracle cloud partner program, being our brand of cloud security expertise to Oracle Cloud.
28 Jun 2021

Carbon Neutrality

We partnered with our Just On Tree to reduce our impact on the planet around us.
28 Jul 2022

Central Government Customer

We secured our first piece of work with UK central government.
24 Oct 2023

JOSCAR Accreditation

A collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence, and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.
28 Mar 2024

Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE)

Successful bid on the Home Office ACE Framework.

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