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Unleash the power of AI at the edge

Mollis can help you design custom edge AI solutions on custom Google & Nvidia devices.

Think smarter, act faster. Edge AI brings intelligence directly to your devices, enabling instant insights and real-time decisions:

• Reduce latency, increase privacy, and unlock new possibilities with on-device AI processing

• From smart homes and autonomous vehicles to industrial automation and healthcare, Edge AI is the key to a smarter, more efficient world.

• Offloading processing to edge devices significantly reduces the amount of data needing to be sent over the network.

• Processing data locally on edge devices consumes less energy than sending it to the cloud and back. This makes edge AI ideal for battery-powered devices and environmentally conscious applications.

• Edge AI enables devices to function even when disconnected from the internet. This is critical for applications in remote locations, emergency situations, or areas with unreliable network connectivity.

• Edge AI deployments can be easily scaled up or down based on specific needs. This makes it easier to adapt to changing requirements and implement AI solutions without significant infrastructure investments.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help them make better more secure IoT devices, There is a compelling need to build better and more secure IoT solutions which can withstand ever-increasing modern security threats in the 21st Century.

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