Service Pillars: We understand that security is not just at the end of the process, it's a journey, and culture that lives and breaths through the organisation. That's why all our services follow these simple three pillars.


We help teams build cost effective, secure, resilient products and services, using the shift left principles embodied in the DevSecOps way of working. We can help you threat model cloud services, secure them properly, and always deploy secure code keeping your customer data safe.


Whether you need to align to a cost framework, data governance objective or a cyber security framework, we can guide and help you. Our skilled team offers everything from professional penetration testing services, to configuration reviews, and assessing that your technology meets your cost, governance and framework needs.


Are you using multiple hosted services like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, adopting the cloud, Azure, GCP or AWS or maybe hosting your infrastructure? We can help you design processes that enable you to operate securely and cost effectively with velocity across multiple providers.

Cloud Compliance

Prepare for the future: Cloud compliance is critical for organisations that want to protect their sensitive data and systems, avoid legal and financial consequences, and differentiate themselves from competitors. But with regulations changing rapidly and varying across industries, it can be hard to stay compliant..

The path to securing cloud applications and systems

As we head towards an automated compliance controls future, teams responsible for security and compliance often work independently and in silos. This can lead to problems like:

• Developers misinterpreting complex requirements that are irrelevant to cloud configuration.

• Security Operations teams struggling to evaluate the compliance implications of noisy alerts.

• Compliance Analysts operating in a decentralised environment that disrupts visibility and evidence collection.

Why automation? By enabling teams to automate compliance through code, it can demonstrate absolute security and reduce risk. Lower compliance and audit costs by reducing the need for manual reviews and remediation efforts.Improving development velocity by freeing up developers to focus on building innovative products and services.

Be at the forefront with Mollis' expert guidance and support on cloud compliance. We’ll help you assess your current compliance posture and identify areas you need to improve. Develop and implement a comprehensive compliance program that meets your specific needs. Automate your compliance controls to save time and money and #evolvewithus

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